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It really just depends on how rare the coin it is, from which casino and from what year.Gold Coins: Silver Art Bars: Silver Rounds: US Coins:. The value of these silver rounds is directly related to the current value of silver. Casino & Gambling.

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Casino and Poker Chip Collecting Supplies. Direct fit - Your casino chip or coin is placed inside and the 2 halves are snapped together.

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It has a raccoon on the front with the words "Grand Casino Collector Coin 1997. Grand Casino Mille Lacs collector coin. this coin. Does it have any value.

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How Much are Silver Strike Coins Worth?. depends on how rare the coin it is, from which casino and from what. 2004 tournament of champion coins what is the value.

Silver Casino Medals & Silver Strike Gaming Tokens. Seven Dollar Reedemable Cash Value. Gold Coins: Silver Art Bars: Silver Rounds: US Coins.$100 Face Value 90%; $20. $10 Casino Gaming Tokens |.999 Silver. These Silver $10 Casino Gaming Tokens Contain a.999 Pure Silver center with an Actual.

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Comment by Garland by Jewelry on November 6, 2011 at 10:14 pm.Even though your silver strike coins weigh 1 ounce each, only the middle of them are actually silver which usually accounts for about 60% of the coin.

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I am a long time collector of baseball memorabilia, and it has become more than a hobby but an obsession.

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I’ve worked in the gaming industry for almost 10 years and have always been passionate about all aspects. I’ve either worked in or personally played or.

We would recommend doing some research first, because many times silver strike coins from Las Vegas are collectible and sought after for more than their silver value.The USA Casino Chip Price Guide See a Page From This True Masterpiece Flamingo Hotel Sample Page. $39. If you are wondering how to find the value of a casino chip.What is the value of ten dollar Silver Strike Casino coins?. Casino coins have very little collector value and any value comes from the silver content in the coin.

The Four Queens hotel (Las Vegas) strike seem to have a high premium as everyone collects them.Modern Commemorative Coins Modern commemoratives are commemorative coins minted from 1982 to present date. The prices below are for MS-67 grade coins. Anything graded less will be worth considerably less.

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I have about a dozen $10 gaming tokens from various Nevada casinos. They are about 40mm in diameter and 4 mm thick. There is about a 5mm ring of what looks like brass.

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#1 Las Vegas Coin & Currency Buyers. Las Vegas Jewelry & Coin Exchange has been buying coins and currency for over 20 tokens for sale. 1 slot token coin cattle baron casino 1991 ncm mint henderson nevada rare. delta saloon virginia city nevada no cash value free play token.

Lot: 50: Grand Casino Collector Coin Set 1997-1998 Elvis Pre, Lot Number: 0050, Starting Bid: $5, Auctioneer: Claytree Auction & Collector Services, Auction: Coins.

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