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They played dead all that time and I can understand why they have problems even today.Why we let them back in this country is nothing more than pure slimey corrupt politics that invalidates every name and every ghost on The Wall.Welcome, for this is your country too, as it is for countless others.As a result I got sucked into the rip tide and became just like them.His friend gave him a thumbs up as they walked to the planes.

The FBI asked me if I was going to submit to induction, or be led away in handcuffs, next stupid question.It was just another milestone in the decline of the morale and the increase in disobedience of the US Army soldiers.War is a terrible thing, but it seems the height of idiocy to try to blame war on the common soldier in the trenches.Instead, by implying that a tiny island was somehow a threat to the United States, it only made the United States look weak.It is changing me again, and this time, I see that in some of my postings.The loud angry sound of the Vietnamese language, the beauty of the country and the military slang unique to Viet Nam.I can accept your right your view and I will always give that priviledge to voice it.As soon as they noticed we had seen them, they took off running.

And over the span of many years AFTER the US pullout of Vietnam and AFTER the Fall of Saigon.Sometimes, in the moments of greatest confusion, I imitate my father and grandfathers. in a rote fashion.In 1943 these movements proclaimed an end to the monarchy and, fearing retaliation, disbanded.That is a rediculous hypothetical anyway, since we would never have put U.S. troops in South Africa simply because it would have had nothing to do with the Cold War.As of 1980, PLA member Tang Wenlie was said to have developed an improved version of the Type 72 rifle utilizing fewer moving parts than its predecessors.

First I disagree on us not wanting to establish a democratic government.I once remarked that I had a feeling I thought in some way brought me closer to other survivors of traumatic events.When I returned from Vietnam, I was very outspoken against the war.I have waited for a decent and reasonable response from you other than the constant dribble that varies not a wit from the first you ever posted.avtomat. December 5, 2017 at 3:23 pm. I think this is a real great post.Really looking forward to read more. best online poker sites. December 7, 2017 at 5:50 am.If they were, then all the rioters since then are fully justified to destroy property and inflict harm on others simply because there was an injustice performed by a government official.I understand where you are coming from concerning communism as we saw it in SEA.As far as the protestors are concerned, I know many of them give their movement credit for stopping the war.It could be a war between nations, or it could be a rebellion within a nation.

The United States did not have altruistic motives in Vietnam.A debate of choices is the essence of democracy as guaranteed by the Constitution.

A leaderless and unhosted place where all are welcomed and all thoughts considered.Understanding Vietnam has been a passion for me for many years.The USDA inspects and enforces regulations in the interest of happy rabbits, but I continue to see homeless adults and children sleeping under bushes and in cars.My father was the type of ward committeeman that held elctions sacred and never fixed a ticket in 16 years of service.

You may find anger, hostility, grief, sadness and, even, attacks on substance of anothers writings.How dare those dirty (I always showered, usually with their daughters) hippies come along and CHALLENGE their entire way of life.The would be merely extention of what many believe our purposes were back then.Tears come to my eyes, when I think of those who cannot shed tears, never given the opportunity to waste their youth.In Europe, the allies destroyed the French town of Caen during the D-Day battle, causing numerous casualties among civilians.


We did this even though he was Communist, simply to distance him from the Soviet Union.

But at the same time, we must be careful in our language and thinking to not endorse to same methods the communists used in SEA in our dealings with other peoples.Whether we are veterans, resistors, protestors, high moral grounders, or just plain folks, there remains a legacy of Vietnam Veterans who struggle through emotional pain, physical pain, severe flashbacks, hallucinations, and all the rest of it, every day.We must not allow prisons and camps to be slave factories as is the case in other countries.For to visit The Wall, is to come to the realization that inscribed are 58,000 reasons why this country should never become involved in another ill defined war.And, just about everybody went to the extra efforts to make sure that these vets were treated better upon their return.I thought of the prologue I had written to the book, when I first read your comments the first time you posted the note that caused me to comment.How many times did we see and, yes, partake in the same sort of thing.

The fact that the war was a horrific mistake in no way diminishes the sacrifices that you made.Not only do they frequently round up and kill Kurds in their country, but they frequently invade surrounding countries to kill the Kurds in those countries also.It would be a shame because, while having been on the net a considerable time, it has been as a voyeur only.We all went for the 2 years required, the last 2 years were an option, and if you took it, you graduated with second louie bars.then off to nam.It is becoming apparent to me, through this site, that there are some who protested the war and those that went, have a hard time swallowing the idea that, the nation on the whole, have been trying to make amends to the Vietnam veteran for the wrongs inflicted on the vets for these many past years.I have, from four individuals, just from this thread alone, who were deep within the protest community, their testimony that many protestors, DID, indeed had trouble separating the war from the warrior.To Varanelli- Did you (do you) have as much anger towards the McNamaras, Johnsons, Nixons, Westmorlands, Kennedys, etc., as you have against those who were granted amnesty.Therefore, this display of indignation, character assasination, name calling, and the like, is really reminiscent of the plumage display, noises, and puffed up fret-like dance used by prairie chickens to attract the attention of possible mates.The political leanings of this one tiny Asian country would have a neglible effects on the geopolitics of the planet and the bipolar balance of power.